El Tiempo en Arganda

tiempo en españa en Arganda del Rey

viernes, 9 de octubre de 2015

¡Great day of cycling!

The students of first grade (some teachers as well) had a lot of fun cycling from the High School to Morata through the Via Verde path. We must thank the generous help provided by the local policemen who where so attentive, stopping the traffic for us to ride safely our bikes and doing all the way with us.

There were also little problems such as technical difficulties with the gears and when and how to shift. We had some chains broken and even flat tires. Every adventure must have a little of emotion!

This great experience doesn't end here. We have to:

- Describe our feelings during the route. If we felt tired, we needed to get off the bike, how did our heart work, etc.

- Find out which of hte physical fitness components we were developing and compare it with the exercise we do when we go to La Dehesa to run.

Hand in day: October 27th

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